EDC Wholesale Introduces Two New Team Members

VEENDAM, The Netherlands—EDC Wholesale announced it has expanded its team with two new members—Kim Maes and Nerea Quintana Álvarez—to serve the French and Spanish markets. The Holland-based wholesaler wants to grow internationally and in March launched a new platform called ONE-DC with multiple language options.

“To support our international customers we welcome two new members to the sales team," said Lennard Honebecke, head of sales at EDC Wholesale. “Kim will serve our French customers and Nerea our Spanish and Portuguese customers. We are very excited to welcome these two ladies to the team and we are looking forward to serving our customers in their own language.

"We believe that this will add value to the service we offer our customers in French and Spanish markets.”

Nerea Quintana Álvarez, a native Spanish, is from Bilbao. She brings a master’s degree in international communication and many experiences working in different countries across the globe. Honebecke said she is a skilled networker who is always ready to add value by finding the most convenient solution. The key to success for Nerea is open and kind communication, he added.  

“I feel very lucky to be able to work with clients from Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries," Quintana Álvarez said. “Living in the Netherlands and speaking English most of the time sometimes makes me 'forget' my mother tongue languages (Spanish and Basque), so it’s very nice being able to include Spanish in my work life.

"I think the added value I can offer to our customers is that I am always going to be ready to help them and find the most convenient solutions for them. I will always communicate with kindness and honesty.”

Kim Maes is the first point of contact for French B2B customers. Thanks to her open way of communicating and extensive experience in sales, she is instrumental with any request, order and product-related questions. Honebecke said due to Maes' successful period at EDC’s customer service department she gained a lot of product knowledge and has became well-versed in the customer and B2B area. He added that for Kim, open communication is crucial both within EDC Wholesale and in contact with other companies.

“I’m very excited to take on this new challenge within EDC," Maes said. "The colleagues and the work environment are remarkable. I’m proud to get the chance to include my language skills in my job. It’s interesting to see that the customer is central at all levels of the company at EDC Wholesale. This, in combination with an open and diverse working atmosphere, motivates me to bring my new job position to success.” 

“Kim and Nerea will introduce themselves personally to the French and Spanish customers but if customers can’t wait to meet them, they can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]," added Honebecke.

Retail customers can now go to one-dc.com or contact [email protected].