EDC Wholesale and Eropartner Team Up for Sexual Wellness

THE NETHERLANDS—Sexual wellness isn't just good for individual humans and society at large, it's also good for business. EDC Wholesale and European wholesaler Eropartner Distribution have a common mission: to bring sexual wellness to a higher level. The companies believe that goal can be better achieved collaboratively.

EDC, supplier to both consumers and retail shops, is undergoing development. Last year, the company had a turnover of 65 million, compared to more than 33 million in 2019. Eropartner Distribution has grown into one of the largest wholesalers in Europe. It supplies many companies in Germany and Scandinavia with erotic items and had a turnover of 40 million euros in 2020.

By joining forces, the companies want to further increase their effectiveness in Europe. The aim is to ensure that every European has a sex toy in their bedside table.

“The demand for erotic products is growing rapidly, partly thanks to the growing group of millennials, since customers’ acceptance of the industry is increasing more and more,” says Eric Idema, CEO of EDC. “With this step, we can further expand our e-commerce platforms. We are able to supplement our range with new products, and so can Eropartner. We can share our knowledge and in this way we can complement and strengthen each other.”

Both EDC and Eropartner produce their own brands. In addition, Idema believes it can achieve purchasing benefits now that products are jointly purchased.

“We are very excited about this joint venture,” said Chris Bakker, CEO of eropartner distribution. “It makes perfect sense to join forces and create a synergy to become a solid partner for both our suppliers and customers. Together we are better than we are apart. We can learn a lot from EDC and visa versa. We will continue to grow and bring the industry of sexual wellness to a higher level.”

Although the companies merge a number of activities, they continue to operate independently in their day-to-day operations. Nothing will change for the staff. Employees will continue to work in Veendam and Zwaagdijk respectively.