ECN Announces Continued Relationship With We-Vibe

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.Industry leader East Coast News is thrilled to announce the continuation of their long standing distribution relationship with We-Vibe. The high-end vibrator manufacturer recently narrowed its distribution network, leaving ECN as the largest adult distributor carrying the line. 

With warehouse locations inNew Jersey,Florida, andCalifornia, ECN is prepared to accommodate the increased retailer demand.    

As providers of some of the most sought-after, high-quality products available today, We-Vibe relies on rock-solid fulfillment and customer service, the two qualities East Coast News is best known for. After more than 15 years supplying the adult industry, ECN certainly knows what it means to be customer-focused. 

“We have a 100 percent commitment to our customers’ growth and success,” said Alan Mandell, ECN sales manager. “Our clients can’t get enough of the We-Vibe product line. It’s in high demand, it’s easy to sell, and it’s a perfect fit for the changing face of the adult market. We’re ecstatic to be partnered with them.”

We-Vibe’s latest offerings—Tango, Salsa, Touch, and the incredible We-Vibe II—continue to fly off of ECN customers’ shelves. From the moment they were introduced, consumer demand has been off the charts.

Seeing a decidedly clear shift in the “premium” market, more suppliers are introducing products to fit the needs of high-end clients with discerning tastes. The move to using high-grade materials, sophisticated technology, and elegant packaging is quickly gaining the attention of consumers looking for something more than standard-issue gear.

For retailers, this means a shift in clientele walking through their doors or clicking through their sites. By offering premium brands like We-Vibe, sellers are enjoying increased profits from these more expensive items, as well as an influx of new business that this group of products attracts. 

East Coast News is no stranger to the premium market, and their sales staff knows what it takes to help retailers ramp up for this changing climate.

Interested retailers should contact their ECN sales representative, or visit