East Coast News to Offer Hand-Selected Dona Ritual Gift Sets

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.—Just in time for the holiday season, East Coast News announced it will soon deliver six hand-selected gift sets that feature the best of Dona, the aphrodisiac-infused personal care line from System JO. The collection features a five-step ritual that takes customers on a complete journey to sensual bliss.

Each of the specially packaged gift sets includes five items (one from each step in the ritual), all in the same flavor. Available flavors are Mangosteen, Blue Lotus, Goji Berry Peach, Acai Passion Fruit, Camu Camu Lemon and Pomegranate Martini.

“These gift sets are the best way for a retailer to introduce customers to this incredible line,” explained ECN Sales Manager Alan Mandell. “By wrapping the essential components into one set, all the guesswork has been eliminated, and our customers can simply focus on selling the ritual concept.”

East Coast News distributes the entire Dona collection, and is now accepting orders for the ritual gift sets. Interested retailers are urged to contact their ECN representative, email [email protected] or visit ECN.com for more information.