Doc Johnson Launches Belladonna Toy Line

LAS VEGAS – Novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has launched a line of sex toys inspired by popular performer Belladonna at this year’s AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE).

Products in the branded line include Evil Pink Ass Ticklers, Extreme Pussy and Ass, Cherry Bomb vibrators, a Magic Hand, Love Me Tender dildo, Evil Pink Vibrators, and a Tie Me, Spank Me, Fuck Me Kit.

“Belladonna is such a big name, and Doc Johnson really picks and chooses who it partners with,” Doc Johnson’s Chad Braverman told AVN, as the boisterous Belladonna posed for pictures in front of a display in the company’s suite. “We’ve worked with some real heavy hitters, and Belladonna is a brand in her own right. This is a series of novelties that’s going to continue, we’ll show more in July and more September and so on.”

“Whenever we partner with a performer we talk with them extensively…what she wants to start with what she wants to grow into,” Braverman said. “Belladonna has a name out there for being hardcore, and so we wanted to do some products that reflected that. We have her hand that we’ve molded for the Magic Hand, and we have an Extreme Pussy and Ass that replicated directly from her pussy and ass…and we have butt plugs and vibrators, and so there are small groupings of products, but they built a perfect foundation.”

“I had actually been thinking about doing a toy line on my own, because I use a lot of toys in my movies,” said Belladonna. “But then I was approached by Doc Johnson and they said ‘if you really want to do a toy line come talk to us.' I really can’t believe I haven’t been asked to do something like this already. So I went down to the Doc Johnson warehouse and did some interviews and it all worked out really well. One of things I’m most excited about is that nobody has a fist, and something I use a lot in my movies. I love the packaging and the fact that they asked me so many questions and I was so involved. They included so many of the things I love. I mean, the packaging has one of my tattoos across the logo…that’s awesome!”

“What’s great about Belladonna is that she has a following that’s not exactly like her, but they’re all hardcore and they want to do this sort of stuff, and so they’ll go out try the Magic Hand, but that isn’t for everyone," Braverman said. "But what’s great about Belladonna is that you get a lot of female fans and they want to try this stuff but they might not be up to that advanced level, so that’s why we have some smaller items like the Evil Pink Ass Ticklers…they’re perfect starters. The Tie Me, Spank Me, Fuck Me Kit could be used by people who are just getting into bondage. You can make is extreme as you want, but it can also be something a little more simple.”  

The spunky starlet gave a ringing endorsement as she perused through the wall of her signature toys by raising the Magic Hand high and asking, “Wow, this is just like my hand; anyone want to gape me?”