Doc Johnson Gets Kevin Smith Into Hot Water At Home

LOS ANGELES—Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson inadvertently got director and star of the Hollywood Babble On podcast in a little trouble at home when they shipped him a package.

On episode 141, which taped Friday night at the Improv Club in Hollywood, Smith and co-host Ralph Garman were talking about how much information their children can handle. It was then Smith decided to tell about a recent experience at home.

Smith noted he and Garman had talked about the super-hero themed dongs from Doc Johnson. The Super Hung Heroes come in four varieties—The Caped Cock, The Amazing Web Shooter, The Incredible Hunk and the Rock Hard Man—and have texturing and packaging that are reminiscent of Marvel and D.C. comic book super heroes.

Smith said when he returned home from a recent trip, there was a box in his office that had brightly colored stickers that read, “Pow!” and more, and in the center is said, “Doc Johnson.”

“Now I know from experience what Doc Johnson is,” Smith told Garman and the live audience. “It’s sex toys.

“I’m like, ‘As if I need these,” he added. “… I do.”

Smith said he assumed his wife had opened the box, only to be informed by her that it was their 14-year-old daughter who opened the package.

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