Dingfoo Releases Oral Simulation Toy

DONGGUAN, China—Sex toy manufacturer Dingfoo has released a vibrating mouth-shaped sex toy that simulates oral stimulation. 

The mouth portion of the product offers three speeds and five non-vibrating modes. The tongue portion features three speeds and seven vibration patterns. The sucking and tongue-vibrating functions can work simultaneously, creating a more realistic sensory experience.

The product is made of silicone, ABS and metal-safe materials, manufactured using Dingfoo's mature liquid silicone fully automatic coating manufacturing process. It is also waterproof, easy to clean, rechargeable and durable.

"In recent years, despite the complex market environment, Dingfoo's OEM/ODM core business has maintained rapid development, benefiting from continuous investment in basic technological research and upgrades in production manufacturing processes. Recently, the company has renewed its 2024 FDA testing certification. In the coming period, several new products based on foundational research projects such as linear vibration transmission technology, arc pulse vibration technology, simulated apex sprinkler technology, quick interface multi-purpose vibration technology, pulse wave device technology, and short-range quick-charge male masturbator technology will be launched one after another. DINGFOO's ongoing research covers new technologies in materials, mechanics and machinery," said Dingfoo's founder.

For more information, visit dingfoo.com.