Create-a-Mate Back In A Big Way

LONG BEACH, N.Y.—R.J. Daniels and the rest of the creative team at Create-a-Mate have had their share of ups and downs since starting their business in 1996.

Since its inception, Create-a-Mate—billed as the world’s first in-home penis casting system—has consistently remained a top-selling casting kit sold on the internet because of the quality and pride put into the product.

“Our happy customers enjoy the process as well as the end result associated with making a useable dildo replica of their own penis,” Daniels said.

But just as there have been highs, there have been some devastating lows. Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the East Coast in October 2012, hit Create-a-Mate and hit it hard.

“We had about 4 feet of water in the warehouse and offices,” Daniels told AVN.  “We had to move and reopen down in Florida where we had some business partners willing to help us out while we got everything sorted out again up north.”

Now, Create-a-Mate is back in a new warehouse and space in Long Beach, N.Y., and officials are taking advantage of the opportunities Hurricane Sandy afforded them.

“During the down time taken to rebuild, we’ve had the opportunity to come up with some really exciting additions to our product line,” Daniels said. “People now more than ever need to relax, decompress, and have a good time; that's where we step in.”

Create-a-Mate is now introducing more options to their original penis casting system, which already includes a vibrator insert.

New varieties are one that has a suction cup, which will allow the user to place their personalized dildo replica on any smooth flat surface so it can be enjoyed "hands-free."

A handle attachment that can give better control over the motion of your penis copy alone or with a friend will also be available. And finally, a strap-on harness version of Create-a-Mate will add a more personal touch for couples who use strap-ons in their love lives.

“The best thing about all of these new options is that they can be interchanged with your penis casting,” Daniels said. “You can collect the whole set for variety and multiply your orgasmic fun!”

The new additions come on the heels of a Character Costumes, which were launced last Halloween to dress up your personalized rubber reproduction. Costumes included Frankenpenis, Pumpkin Head, The Horny Monster and more.

Although the process of casting your penis copy is the same, the completed replica for the Character Costumes is not intended to be used, as the rubber lends itself toward being a decoration piece, Daniels said. The traditional kits use silicone and is safe for use.

“Today, the H.D.I.C. (Head Duplicators In Charge) are operating in full swing with our R&D Departments in both Florida and Long Island,” Daniels said. “We work day and night to conceive and refine products that will continue to excite our longtime friends and brand new members of our unique adult world of imagination. At the Create-a-Mate headquarters, the H.D.I.C. are always working hard so you can play hard.”

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