Chupa Chups Get An Adult Twist

MOSCOW—Who doesn’t love a good, wet, juicy … lollipop?

A Russian design firm is banking on the fact that adults love the sugary sweets as much as children do, and has redesigned a classic sucker to appeal to more adult tastes.

Creative agency FIRMA took Chupa Chups and redesigned them into a line simply called Sucker. The concept lollipops claim to be the world’s first candy for “adult boys and girls who are not afraid of their desires.”

There are three different designs: BDSM, Fetish and Toys and are modeled after adult sex toys. Mr. Pain, for example, is a blueberry-flavored sucker that is decorated with spikes to look like a mace, while there are also cherry-flavored anal beads called Trinity.

FIRMA launched the confections earlier this year in Russia and has plans to take them worldwide. It’s doubtful, though, that he adult versions would find themselves on grocery shelves next to the kiddie styles.