Cardboard Cut-Outs Can Be Sexy

TORONTO, Canada - Second only to alcohol and good music, attractive people are a must-have for any party's success.

And while many people may not have the money or the moxie to draw Hollywood hottest, now, with the help of, there is an alternative.

"About five years ago I was throwing a party and I wanted to have a few life-size cardboard cutouts of girls and guys around for decoration," said the founder, a man who simply goes by Gord. "So I had a few custom ones made, which was very expensive, and the party was a hit! Everybody had a good time taking pictures next to each standup to show their friends what hot girls and guys they'd met at this party. Well, that was all I needed to believe in this idea, so I spent time, and way too much money, learning how to bring these sexy standups to the public at the right price." cutouts, which sell for $39.95, are made of heavy cardboard, are shipped folded in half in a cardboard sleeve, and feature a photo-quality picture. An easel is attached so the standup will be freestanding and most are life-size, between 5 and 6 feet tall.

"People want sexy, fun, unique products," Gord said. "The girls in bikinis, as well as some lingerie cutouts, seem to sell the best, but costume cutouts are doing well, too. I have the largest collection of girls online, and I'm always looking for more. I just licensed with Chippendales and I just brought out Sexytoons recently, too."

With little to no competition in the standup business, Gord is all for keeping things simple while expanding the company one step at a time.

"My business model is simple," he said. "I manufacture everything myself, so I control my costs. My next step will be to have other companies sell these online, which can be a very simple process: They sell, I ship, and they get paid, so they don't have to worry about inventory, which is a killer problem these days. The best thing about my company is it's my company, and I will speak directly with people who want answers or have a question. The Web can be a very impersonal place, and I just want to make one smart step at a time. The future of my company is a simple plan: baby steps."

Although is a unique venture, Gord maintains a very specific business plan.

"This business is like every other," he said. "You have to stay focused, stay the course, team up with the right people and understand demographics of your customer base. That's the tricky part. Every time I speak with a potential customer or dealer I show them the site and their response is always the same, they say ‘Wow, what a great idea. I'm going to bookmark this site and browse it again.' That's all I need to hear."

The next step in his carefully calculated plan is developing wall-sized stickers of the guys and girls.

"These stickers will peel off and stick to the wall," Gord said. "And the best part is they can be peeled off and stuck somewhere else later. It doesn't take paint off the wall or harm the wall at all. I've tested them myself and it's an amazing product."

One other avenue Gord plans to explore is working with women in the adult industry who have their own websites who would like to sell life-sized cutouts of themselves.

"They would take the orders and I would drop-ship," Gord said. "These cutouts are great for bachelorette and bachelor parties, birthday parties, and theme parties. There are so many outlets for me to sell them. I was recently approached by a company that does house parties for women. They thought these would be a hoot to have for the women to see a life-size Chippendale's guy, then take a picture with him and show their friends the hot guy they just met. You can't buy these in the store, so the secret to my success is driving people to the site."

Of course living, breathing women will never have an equal, but for anyone looking for an inexpensive alternative, can bring a plethora of gorgeous women out of your dreams and into your living room.

"In life there are those who dream of becoming an agent for gorgeous women," Gord said. "But I think this business is the closest I'm going to get. And I now represent some of the sexiest women on the Internet; so what if they're cardboard!"

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call (888) 664-1818.