Cape Town Ripe for Next Sexpo

CAPE TOWN, S.A. — A survey conducted last week by the organizers of traveling adult convention Sexpo showed that Cape Town — where Sexpo is headed in May — ranks as one of the most sexually liberal cities in South Africa.

According to, the poll found that a far higher percentage of Cape Town women admit to owning sex toys than in other parts of the country.

"Our national survey last year indicated that one in four women own a toy of some sort," said Sexpo spokesperson Silas Howarth. "More than half of Cape Town women admit to owning a naughty novelty at some point."

Another factoid revealed was that 17 percent of Cape Town women admit to having experimented with same-sex activity, while 54 percent list it as one of their top fantasies.

The poll also showed that Cape Town is the most hospitable South African city for alternative sexuality, that a good number of its citizens have had sex in public places, and that they have more sex on average than the rest of the country.

"South African sexuality is really coming into its own," said Howarth. "We are moving towards a liberal, responsible and sensually expressive society — it's incredible to experience. Imagine when, as recently as 18 years ago, one would have been arrested for simply daring to smuggle a naughty magazine into the country or locked up for expressing one's sexual preference. We have come a long way, and it's time to celebrate!"

Sexpo Cape Town takes place May 8-11, 2008, and will have over 120 exhibitors present, with Miss Nude Australia Arianna Starr serving as mistress of ceremonies and "penile artist" Pricasso displaying his work.

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