WOW Tech In Search of Sex Toy Testers

BERLIN—WOW Tech—the company behind Womanizer and We-Vibe—is on the hunt for those willing to join their MasturbaTEAM.

“We masturbate for science,” said Johanna Rief, head of sexual empowerment at We-Vibe and Womanizer, two leading providers of premium sex toys.

In 2019, We-Vibe and Womanizer launched the world’s first professional sex toy tester panel—the MasturbaTEAM. A thousand people from around Europe registered for the tester panel, even before the brands announced the panel to consumers officially. The MasturbaTEAM grew by more than 300 percent in less than a week. With more than 3,000 people signing up, the site even crashed for a short time. Registrations are still coming in, so the tester panel will roll out globally in the new year.

“Interested parties can register for free and receive an e-mail as soon as a product is available that matches their preferences. Potential testers just need to provide a few details on their preferences before receiving their neutral and discreet package in the mail. This way our testers can participate depending on their mood, desire and time,” Rief said.

What’s next? You masturbate—for science! Participants are required to fill out a survey including their honest feedback. The more honest, the better, to further develop the products according to consumer needs. The results of the survey are evaluated internally and anonymously before going to the respective departments. Tester addresses are deleted after the products have been sent. The toy can be kept as a thank-you and reward for your efforts.

The brands’ goal is to develop products that satisfy customer needs and desires. Both promote innovative, high-quality sex-tech products that feature stylish and unique designs.

“This is only possible, if we incorporate the feedback of customers directly into product development,” Rief said. “We take our job seriously and invest in R&D. All new products go through several development and testing phases. From the alpha testing with 10-20 employees to the actual product testing with about 100 external testers.”

Those interested in applying can sign up at