California Fantasies Releases Consumer Testimonials

ANAHEIM HILLS, Calif. - Personal-care-product manufacturer California Fantasies has released consumer testimonials for its Snuggles lubricating shrink creams.


In addition to the testimonials posted on the California Fantasies website, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jennifer B told AVN Novelty Business, the company has received a few more customer responses.


"Snuggles lubricating creams are the best!" wrote a customer identified as R.N. from Orange County, Calif. "The silky-smooth cream gently tightens and gives a pleasurable sensation without any liquid mess. I love it!"


"I recently tried Snuggles cream and loved it!" a customer identified as Sarah K wrote. "I've tried other lubricants; Snuggles was different. I really like that it just stays put. It isn't sticky or messy in any way, and I found the added sensation Snuggles provides to be a very nice bonus. I wont use anything else."


"You mastered the combination of alum and lubrication," wrote a customer identified as Annie.


Snuggles lubricating shrink creams tighten the vaginal area by contracting the pores, drawing together the soft organic tissues and shrinking mucous membranes of exposed tissues.


"Snuggles is a great product that is different [from] most shrink creams on the market," Jennifer B said. "Our laboratories developed Snuggles to increase pleasure and sensitivity during foreplay and intercourse. Many women develop vaginal-elasticity issues due to childbirth, which decreases sensitivity and reduces the ability to achieve orgasms."


The creams are available in two flavors: Sinful Strawberry and Spearmint Kiss.


For more information, call Jennifer B at 877-896-6992.