Bodi-Spa Readies for Release of New Products

LOS ANGELES—Bodi-Spa has several new pleasure and wellness products that will be launching this spring.

Among the already successful items is the Almighty, a personal massager that has the ability to go from hot to cold with the switch of a button, and thus provides two completely different feelings and massage functions (a cold one, at around 40 degrees, or a hot one at around 80 degrees).

“The line that everyone is anticipating right now is our Nobu line of advanced technology toys, scheduled to ship mid-April, which will include 10 different vibrators with very unique technology, from voice responsive (means that vibrations will intensify synched with the ambient noise or screams near it) or the temperature induction system (mean that the heat sensors on shaft of the vibrator will intensify the vibrating as if senses increased heat around it from  the insertion inside private parts) and much more exciting features to be discovered,” said Alain Elmaleh, general manager of Bodi-Spa.

“We just released The Prolong R new genital desensitizers for men, which should give its aging competitors a good run for their money since our product uses real benzocaine as a main ingredient,” he continued. “Also the bottles are refillable and the packaging looks modern and really attractive. It also comes in two convenient formats: the traditional 15ml bottle and—also a first in the industry—the 5ml ultra pocket format that fits in the small change pocket of a pair of pants!”

But Bodi-Spa is not content with just that. The company is also getting ready to launch additional kits based on the success of their "50 Way to Play Kinky" toy kits. And just released last week five different Ben Wa balls from the BodiToyz luxury toy line, including two sizes of the 24k gold-plated Ben Wa balls (the standard 3/4 inch diameter, and the unusual 1-inch diameter for bigger size women), which Elmaleh said is a first for the market.

Bodi-Spa is looking for exclusive distributors worldwide for these various lines. Those interested should contact Alain Elmaleh, general manager, at (514) 855-0045, ext. 230 or by email at [email protected].