Blush's New Biodegradable Vibe Sets EcoFriendly Industry Standard

NEW YORK CITY—Popular novelty manufacturer Blush has begun leading the way in truly sustainable sex toys with their new Gaia collection: sex toys made of recyclable, biodegradable plant-based plastic sourced from corn. With Earth Day 2019 just around the corner, the innovative modern pleasure products company reaffirms its commitment to the planet.

* New Sustainable Sex Toys: Blush has just launched the Gaia Eco Bullet in three colors, and has also created a point-of-purchase display, which comes with a free floor tester. The Gaia designs are classic in form, featuring strong motors. These toys are body-safe and easy to clean.

“At Blush, we seek to make great pleasure products using sustainable materials,” said CEO Verna Meng. “Bioplastic is a perfect choice for vibrators since it's nonporous, making it completely safe, clean for use in the body, and biodegradable.”

When promoting sex toy sustainability, Blush defines this as materials sourced from botanical elements, using fewer greenhouse gasses in production, and having the lightest end-of-life impact on the environment. Gaia pleasure products biodegrade quickly with the help of industrial recycling facilities. They will also biodegrade naturally in landfills after a few centuries.

The Blush commitment to being earth-friendly is also evident in the Gaia packaging, which is made of recycled paper, with no plastic inserts.

* Planting Trees: Together, with the participation of adult retailers who sell Gaia vibrators, Blush will be planting one tree for every online store that carried Gaia and shares its URL. Blush will also plant one tree for every store that shares a photo of its Gaia products on its shelves.

Retailers can participate in the Blush tree planting initiative on the Blush Twitter and Instagram accounts. The promotion is taking place via social media (#GaiaGreenTeam) and runs through Earth Day, April 22, 2019.

* “Go Green” Initiative: Blush is also announcing its “Go Green” companywide initiative. All employees who buy or lease electric cars, and/or install TESLA solar panels in their homes will receive company-paid cash incentives.

“Climate change is a real issue,” noted Blush COO Eric Lee. “I want to do my best to protect the future of all children. I am hoping, with this initiative, that I can influence a few people in our small company; by announcing this to our industry, I can influence other business owners to also do something similar. Together, as an industry, we can make a difference.”

Samples of Gaia vibrators available upon request. Photos available upon request.

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