BeaMonstar Shifts Focus From ExtenZe to Offer Greater Variety

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz.—After eight years of being the adult industry’s exclusive provider of popular male enhancement supplement ExtenZe, BeaMonstar has shifted its focus to its other sex enhancements products.

The company will continue to offer the entire ExtenZe line, including the four-tablet packs, 30-tablet box and seven-tablet bottle—which BeaMonstar exclusively offers—and the ExtenZe Libido Shooter. In addition, BeaMonstar also will continue to offer the entire Women’s ExtenZe line.

BeaMonstar owner Jeff Bolanos said that the company parts with the exclusive adult distribution rights on good terms and is happy to continue providing ExtenZe to existing and new customers.

“I’m very thankful to the owner of ExtenZe for BeaMonstar’s success in serving the adult industry,” Bolanos said. “If it wasn’t for ExtenZe, there would be no BeaMonstar.”

Among the first four employees of ExtenZe, Bolanos served as supervisor while spokesperson Ron Jeremy hosted the ExtenZe "Sex Talk" infomercials. Soon after, Bolanos entered the adult industry after being granted the opportunity to market the ExtenZe brand to the adult market.

“It took years to build the brand,” Bolanos said. “For years I, myself, went directly to retailers, company headquarters and trade shows, selling small quantities here and there.”

Bolanos’ perseverance allowed him to provide ExtenZe internationally with deals inked in Canada and South America. Now, Bolanos said, ExtenZe, with its multimillion marketing campaign, sells itself—even outside of the adult community.

“While we still strongly support the ExtenZe brand, I think it’s time to give other brands a chance,” Bolanos said. “The end user, as well as retailers and distributors all want a variety of sex enhancement products to choose from—and BeaMonstar is here to fulfill that need.”

BeaMonstar also offers Enzyte, another internationally recognized male sex enhancement supplement backed by a $40 million television and print ad campaign, as well as SexVoltz, XploZion male ejaculate volumizer and Sweeten 69 secretion sweetener, which can all be used to together to offer retailers maximum upselling opportunities. As a long-term provider of ExtenZe, BeaMonstar is able to offer retailers lower prices than competitors.

In addition, the company backs its success with a guarantee to retailers promising its products will sell and offers insurance to retailers ensuring the safety of its entire product range. BeaMonstar looks forward to serving old and new clients in the adult and mainstream business—and is ready to clear up any rumors and misconceptions with prices and wide range of sex enhancement products to give the competitors a run for their money.

To order from BeaMonstar, call (888) 398-3693.