Baci Unites and Conquers the World Lingerie Market

Baci Lingerie, a new brand of sexy lingerie, is expanding into Asia at breathtaking speed with one goal in mind: to conquer Asia. Baci Lingerie expanded into the Asian market when it opened its 10th corporate store of 500 in August, and also served as the main sponsor of the Asia Adult Expo in Macau, which was held Aug. 20-22.

“Business is booming in China as the Chinese economy rapidly expands, and Baci Lingerie is seeking to further participate in the growth of the Chinese market. China is the new great frontier,” said Robert Rosen, chief operating officer for Internetmarketing Miami, the parent company of Baci Lingerie.

Mco Kittles, one of the engineers and top creative designers for Baci Lingerie, noted, “Baci Lingerie is a new and fresh concept to the lingerie industry and is definitely going to make an impact in China as well as the rest of the world.”

Sponsoring the AAE show falls in with the grand plans of Baci Lingerie to participate in the biggest and most attended international trade shows. Baci Lingerie officials planned a grand-scale exhibit this year because they feel that Asia is a key component in building their worldwide brand.

“With a majority of our manufacturing done in China, it seems only logical to capitalize on the rapid grow that is currently taking place there,” Rosen said. “The Baci Lingerie brand is a brand designed to do large volumes of sales, and we have committed a tremendous amount of resources to establish a network in China to facilitate a vertically integrated strategy. Baci Lingerie does local manufacturing, which is the best way to get products into the hands of Chinese consumers. By manufacturing the products in China, Baci Lingerie can take advantage of the Chinese factory labor rate, which is approximately one-tenth of the current U.S. rate. Local production also will allow the company to avoid import restrictions and tariffs.

“With that being said, there are a number of the complexities of doing business in China,” he continued. “Baci Lingerie has aligned with top companies to provide us the knowledge and information on how to work and do business within China. We have hired the best companies from design to real estate to logistical operations all to assist in facilitating Baci Lingerie to compete in the Chinese marketplace.”

To complement the official sponsorship of the AAE show, Baci Lingerie also opened its 10th showroom in China.

“We are planning to open 190 more showrooms in that region in the next two years and plan to have 500 stores open within the next seven years,” Rosen said. “Our goal is to franchise chain stores with the Baci Lingerie concept so that we can enter directly into the B2C area. Learning exactly what the customer wants and desires is an integral part of building a strong brand. With chains stores this will give us the insight and direct information our finger right on the pulse of the market.”

The showrooms and chain stores display the beautifully designed photos of Baci’s latest works of art with sleek 180-inch LED televisions walls running the company’s revolutionary lingerie and eyelash videos. The showroom is modeled after the booth that is displayed at all major fairs and expos worldwide. Buyers are able to visit these showrooms and view the latest styles of Baci Lingerie and upcoming collections and sub-collection. Buyers also are able to place orders directly at the showroom and are be pampered with the personal attention of Baci’s customer service representatives.

“We want to captivate the customer by creating an experience that will be enjoyable and unforgettable,” Rosen said. “Baci Lingerie is planning to franchise stores together with their exclusive partners for other international markets.”

But it’s not just the international market Baci Lingerie is looking to conquer. Recently, the company inked a pact with Avelli, the parent company for Lover’s Choice and Ophoria brands, making Avelli the exclusive U.S. partner for the lingerie brand.

Baci Lingerie’s mission to deliver elegant and sexy lingerie of the highest quality at the lowest possible price point dovetails perfectly with Avelli’s own 11-year tradition. Under the name Lover’s Choice, the company successfully developed consumer-focused brands that offer affordable luxury, including Ophoria Fine Bedroom Toys, Cupidology and Comfortnöw Labs.

“We had four serious offers in the U.S., including one highly attractive offer from the largest distributing company in the adult market,” said Rosen. After long hours of discussions and negotiations, Baci finally chose Avelli Inc.

“With 11 years of brand development and management, Avelli was the perfect match for Baci Lingerie to ensure a win-win situation for everyone,” Rosen commented. “A win for the stores who get the most beautiful products for the best price, and a win for the customer who gets high-quality lingerie at an affordable price. Baci Lingerie was seeking a partner who not only has the logistical capabilities to distribute all of our brands’ products but also who shares our creative understanding of building a brand.”

According to Avelli’s Hughes, it’s the right partnership for taking the U.S. lingerie market by storm.

“For Avelli, our partnership with Baci Lingerie is such an amazing opportunity because they offer exceptional quality at affordable prices,” he said. “Baci Lingerie is truly affordable luxury, and that is exactly where all of our brands are positioned.

“The U.S. market is incredibly competitive, and Baci Lingerie needed someone who has proven experience building brands in this market,” Hughes continued. “Their values, principles and brand rationalization are aligned with ours; and we share a common goal to be number one in the U.S. market. Avelli is exceedingly excited about our partnership with Baci Lingerie, and know that this latest edition to our family of brands is a shining star.”

Both companies’ first order of business was to arrange the shipment of 5,000 Collection Books to all of the customers who pre-registered at the International Lingerie Show or who have requested a Collection Book through [email protected]

Internetmarketing-Miami, LLC, holder of the exclusive rights to Baci Lingerie, is a privately held company headquartered in Miami. To learn more about Avelli and to view the entire Baci Lingerie collection, visit and

This article originally ran in the September 2010 Intimate, a supplement of AVN.