b-Vibe Debuts Triplet Anal Beads

LOS ANGELES—Pleasure products manufacturer b-Vibe announced the release of its newest addition to its lineup of premium anal pleasure products, the Triplet Anal Beads.

“b-Vibe strives to cater to the needs of all users, regardless of gender or experience level,” b-Vibe Managing Director Alicia Sinclair said. “While there is no competition or end goal to anal, our lineup of small, medium and large plugs allow customers to work toward a larger product or play within their limits—and now with the debut of the Triplet, customers can transition through the graduated-sized beads and/or explore new possibilities in the bedroom.”

b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads feature three flexible tapered size beads, an easy-grip handle and two powerful motors. Both new and experienced fans of anal play can experiment with the pleasure of the Triplet’s six vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns.

Among the various highlights of the Triplet Anal Beads—which include a rechargeable battery, a remote control and sleek, body-safe silicone—is their ability to satisfy the needs of beginner and expert-level users.

Triplet Anal Beads allow beginners to start slow, with just the smallest bead, and then gradually work towards the medium and larger bead. More experienced users can enjoy the feeling of fullness from inserting all three beads. Additionally, the vibration generated by two powerful rumbly motors intensifies the experience.

Triplet Anal Beads are pleasurably stimulating as they are inserted, as well as during their removal. As the beads are removed, they arouse the sensitive nerve endings of the double ringed sphincter muscle. Triplet Anal Beads can also be worn during sex for added stimulation to the G-Spot and/or P-Spot. With remote control functionality, the Triplet Anal Beads provide hands-free, effortless added stimulation.

As with all other b-Vibe products, the Triplet Anal Beads come with a travel-friendly case for easy and discreet storage, as well as the b-Vibe Guide to Anal Play, which is packed with expert information to guide users and empower them to have a truly pleasurable experience.

b-Vibe also offers comprehensive, sex-positive tips and information regarding all things anal in the Expert Advice section of bvibe.com. The information-packed section aims to decrease negative stigmas surrounding anal play with a wide range of advice, product knowledge and support for retailers.

Stay tuned to bvibe.com for the latest company news. For sales, email [email protected].