Autoblow Reaches Out to Adam Rippon to Be ‘Ideal Sponsor’

CHICAGO—It didn’t take long for Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan to reach out to Olympic athlete Adam Rippon after the Bronze medalist said during a CNBC interview he “wasn’t picky” and “loved money.” 

The figure skater talked during the interview earlier this week about getting sponsorships and said he was willing to work with companies interested in sponsoring him and his career.

“Adam,  I  too love  money … why  else  would  I  have  invented  such  a  product? ,” Sloan said in a statement, reaching out to Rippon about becoming a sponsor. “We’re the third best-selling male sex toy and you won third place at the games. The Autoblow is the American champion of automatic masturbation devices and you are the American champion of ice skating. Your hard work and dedication to your sport has inspired millions; now it’s time to cash in. Take our money and represent our brand to the millions of men who admire you.

“Let’s make your first 10 grand easy: get in touch with us and we’ll send you an Autoblow 2,” Sloan continued. “Tweet a photo of yourself holding the product, pointing at it, and smiling. Then we’ll send you $10,000. At 2 minutes of work for $10,000, that is $300,000 an hour.  There's more where that came from."

This marks the second time in as many Olympics that Sloan has reached out to an athlete about being a spokesperson for the record-breaking crowdfunded automated oral sex simulator for men.

In 2016, reached out to Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte with a similar offer. Sloan offered to send Lochte to a photo studio and pay him $10,000 for a photograph of him holding the Autoblow 2+ while smiling and pointing at it. The company planned to add the following caption and use the image in advertisements: “Autoblow 2: the masturbation device Olympic champions choose.”

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