Autoblow Inventor Secures Patent on EEG Sex Toy Control

MERCER ISLAND, Wash.Brian Sloan, the inventor of automated male sex device the Autoblow, has secured a U.S. patent on a futuristic method of controlling sexy toys through electroencephalography, or EEG—that is, brainwaves.

Sloan commissioned a study to use a brain computer interface (BCI) to control the Autoblow AI+ via EEG. The study demonstrated brainwave control of four sex toy actions: starting the machine’s stroking action, stroking slower or faster, and initiating the “finish me” function that selects the AI mode at the fastest speed. 

During the study, test subjects wore EEG headsets to train a deep neural network to detect brainwaves that related to intended Autoblow commands. Although controlling sex toys using erotic thoughts are the goal of future research, in this study, test subjects mapped thoughts of moving each of their arms and legs to each of the four Autoblow functions. An Autoblow connected to Wi-Fi on a nearby table activated in response to commands, and a graphical interface lighted up when each thought command was received. 

"I didn't patent all thought controlled sex toys, but I did secure a patent on the most obvious method and currently the only known method of doing so, which is using an EEG," Sloan explained. 

“Until now we’ve only controlled sex toys using buttons and dials, which is 100 year old technology," he noted. "Thinking yourself or someone else to orgasm will transcend the normal human experience, giving us a completely new sexual ability. As the Autoblow and other sexual devices can connect to Wi-Fi, in the future this technology can work equally well for an individual or for any number of individuals linked together by the internet anywhere in the world. And even more exciting is the possibility of giving people who cannot move their body parts a thought-controlled outlet for sexual autonomy.”

A short video demonstrating EEG control of the Autoblow can be viewed below: