Ashley Madison, Adam & Eve Aim To Close The Orgasm Gap This V-Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and that means, of course, that love is in the air. But on this romantic holiday meant to be spent with that special someone, not everyone can count on a happy ending. According to the latest female-focused report The Good Wife Study, sexual frequency and quality both begin declining approximately five years into a marriage, with 64% of women admitting to feeling sexually neglected within their marriage. But married dating site Ashley Madison doesn't want anyone settling for less than what they deserve, which is why the company is launching the "We 'O' U" campaign in partnership with sex toy retailer Adam & Eve, in an effort to help women prioritize their pleasure this February in the face of the orgasm gap.

"Our female members describe marriage as functional and loving, but also widely sexless or orgasmless," explained Isabella Mise, Director of Communications for Ashley Madison. "This Valentine's Day, we want to make sure they're getting their needs met with or without a partner. That's why we joined forces with Adam & Eve—the first step of many we hope to take in encouraging women to prioritize their pleasure and giving them the tools and resources to do so."

Ashley Madison and Adam & Eve, the USA's largest adult product retailer and one of the first of its kind, are offering women the chance to own their O's this Valentine's Day. The company's commitment to sexual satisfaction makes them the perfect partner for this initiative, providing an exciting deal on select adult toys.

"We've partnered with Ashley Madison because they share our commitment to empower women when it comes to their sexual pleasure," said Katy Zvolerin, Director of Public Relations for Adam & Eve. "We're dedicated to helping customers explore their sexuality in safe and positive ways, especially those who feel like they're missing out on what sex has to offer, whether they're with a partner or flying solo."

A 2016 study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 95% of heterosexual men usually or always climax during sex—but when it comes to women's orgasms, that's harder to accomplish. The Good Wife Study data reveals that 47% of women rarely or never receive oral sex from their spouse and 40% rarely or never reach orgasm. When it comes to self-love, 21% of women masturbate on a daily basis, while 41% do so weekly. Even fewer spice things up with a toy, with 10% pulling one out every day and 31% every week. With so many women unlikely to reach orgasm with their spouse, more may feel they have to start taking matters into their own hands.

This February, women who visit an Ashley Madison promotional website will receive a special offer code for 50% off one item (certain exceptions apply) and a free Big O Kit, with free standard shipping from Adam & Eve. This code can only be redeemed on

Ashley Madison and Adam & Eve say: Give yourself some love this V-Day. Ready, set, ohhh!