As Coronavirus Self-Isolation Surges, So Do Sales Of Sex Toys

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage, with worldwide fatalities approaching 10,000 and total cases nearly nine times that figure, countries around the world have adopted radical “social distancing” measures—meaning that individuals are being forced (or at least advised) to spend much more time alone than usual. 

And while huge sectors of the global economy have taken a beating thanks to the shutdown, one industry appears to be seeing a spike in business: the sexual wellness device field. According to a report by the British site TechRound, orders for sex toys in the United States have jumped 75 percent since the crisis began, as measured by the sexual wellness firm Womanizer.

Canada’s social distancing policies have led to an even greater hunger for solo orgasms, it appears, with orders more than doubling there—up 135 percent. In Italy, where the coronavirus has hit harder than anywhere outside of China or Iran, sex toy sales are up 60 percent, according to the TechRound report, and France has seen a 40 percent spike.

In the spirit of “no sex please, we’re British,” sex toy sales in the United Kingdom are up a mere 13 percent, according to that country’s Sun tabloid

Womanizer, not surprisingly, said in a statement to the site that its inventories of various devices are now depleted, but that “stock should be replenished by early next week.” 

The increase in sex toy use during the coronavirus shutdown is not entirely due to increased sales, however. According to a Newsweek report, the Canadian-based online shop Bellesa Boutique says it has simply given away  “thousands of vibrators," with Womanizer providing most of them.

"We want y'all home, safe and happy. Social distancing, but make it orgasm-filled,” the company said in an Instagram post.

The boutique said that it has made a "top priority to serve every single person before borders close and/or delivery companies halt or slow service.”

Canada on Wednesday announced a ban on “non-essential” travel between that country and the U.S., but so far the restrictions do not apply to trade or deliveries.

Photo By Eric from Irvine / Wikimedia Commons