Aneros’ Forrest Andrews to Host Reddit IAmA

LOS ANGELESForrest Andrews, product and business development manager at sexual health and wellness company, Aneros, will lead a Reddit IAmA session to raise awareness about prostate health today.

To participate in the thread or submit any questions about prostate health, click here. The event, which runs from 7 to 8 p.m. EST, will be held in observance of National Prostate Health Awareness Month which is meant to increase public awareness of the importance of prostate health. Aneros will lend financial support to the cause by donating $10 for every question asked during the scheduled IAmA to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

"Health and wellness are at the heart of Aneros’ mission of developing unique and effective products as an alternative to drugs and other pharmaceuticals,” Andrews said. “Through the Reddit hosted IAmA, I hope to raise needed awareness about prostate health and how our wide range of prostate massagers can be an important part of maintaining good prostate health. We encourage everyone to join us and learn more about this very important topic!"

As a leading advocate of prostate health and wellness, Aneros is known for its bestselling line of prostate massagers, offering natural, preventative measures for erectile dysfunctions (ED) and relief from prostate complications and more. According to a number of medical studies, prostate massage also eases fluid blockages that often cause pain during ejaculation, as well as reduces prostate swelling that affects urination and urine flow.

“Forrest is a great source of information on all issues relating to prostate health,” said Brent Aldon, director of sales and marketing for Aneros. “The IAmA will be informative, engaging and extremely timely whether it’s you, your partner or family member who has experienced or may experience prostate issues. Prevention is the best medicine. So join us!”

Aneros’ website,, features the Aneros Forum, which creates a sex-positive, safe atmosphere for consumers to learn about improving their health and discovering new forms of pleasure.

National Prostate Health Month was established in 1999 as a way to raise public awareness of prostate health, provide prostate health screenings more accessible and educate the public about risk factors and symptoms of prostate-related diseases.