ANE Exhibitor Evolved Novelties Continues to Adapt

In 2006, Zero Tolerance Entertainment got into the business of making toys. It started with Evolved Novelties, which led to the expansion of the ZT brand with Zero Tolerance Toys. And some years back Evolved also assumed the manufacturing of novelties for venerable brand Adam & Eve.

“With our three brands we have something for everyone,” said Lucy Vonne D’Olimpio Kendrick, sex toy unicorn for the companies. “Evolved is very female friendly and Zero Tolerance is geared much more to the male audience. With having Adam & Eve novelties under our belt as well, that rounds us out being a brand that really caters to everyone. They have a little bit of everything for everyone.”

In one spot at the AVN Novelty Expo, taking place January 18-20, all three companies will display a number of new items, including new rechargeable items, masturbation kits and blow-up dolls.

“We have been coming to the show for quite a long time now. First with our DVD companies back in the day, and once toys were starting to be made we of course added ourselves to the toy part of the show,” Lucy said. “We are very excited to see all the returning customers and meet new ones. We have a very fun new lineup that we are excited to show people. We also love to hear from our customers and get feedback on everything that we are doing and what we can improve upon.”

All three companies offer support materials for every collection.

“From planograms to in-store testers to on-the-road trainings for your staff, we work with you to make sure our brands do the best they can no matter what,” Lucy said.

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