AEE's International Pavilion Showcases Novelty Innovations

LAS VEGAS - Now in its second year, AEE’s International Pavilion brings together a new wing of global buyers and distributors of adult products looking to do business with American companies. Among the products on display this year are some of the most unique offerings at the show.

Australian company Sexerciseme is giving women an interesting way to get off with its Sexerciseball. A dildo is attached to the top of the inflatable ball for a unique aerobic workout. The Missing Kink, a UK company, is promoting Cupid’s Couch, an inflatable couch that gives couples a new way to try about a dozen sex positions like “The Mermaid,” “The Frog,” “The Kangaroo” and “The Starfish.” Missing Kink owner Paul Gosling encourages passersby to try it out.

“Couples try it out and say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that position?’” said Gosling.

German company Joydivision is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of erotic products and has on display its line of massage oils, medical grade dildos and biodegradable lubricants. But perhaps the company’s most interesting new product is its easyANAL lubricant which it touts as “perfect for beginners.”

While some international companies are here to sell, others are here to buy. AdultSexContent is in the market for American adult content for Internet distribution. “We’re interested in DVD content that hasn’t been released on the Web,” says CEO Vuk Popovic. Popovic notes that with the Euro currently so strong against the American dollar, international Web surfers are spending an increasing amount of money at adult websites.

“For European consumers, it’s like buying at half price,” Popovic adds.

Regardless of the product, the world is shrinking and the International Pavilion is putting this shrinking world in the American adult industry’s hands.