A Brief Nod to 34DD Bras

LOS ANGELES—It wouldn’t be right for us to head off into the weekend without acknowledging the most momentous story of the week; the increase in average American bra size from 34B to 34DD in only 20 years.

Evolution in action?

Actually, the reason for the increase may have as much to do with women seeking greater comfort in a larger cup as it does with body change due to weigh gain or breast implants. Kate Terhune, from lingerie retailer Intimacy, which sponsored the survey that reported on the bra-size increase, told the Huffington Post that the chain surveyed more than 60,000 customers at 16 stores nationwide, and then compared the results with a similar study it conducted in 1993.

In the end, they found that women are mostly just making more informed decisions with a greater selection of bra sizes at their disposal. "Women are more educated about bra fit," said Terhune.

It’s been a learning experience for everyone.