ToiBocks Signs Entrenue for Exclusive Full-Line Distribution

LOS ANGELES—Luxury storage solution designer ToiBocks has signed Entrenue to handle all product distribution. Entrenue was chosen to be the first and only distributor because of its selective product lineup and innovative business model.

Entrenue exclusively will carry both the original ToiBocks—a high-end wooden jewelry box with a false bottom—and the ToiTissue—a uniquely constructed tissue box with a hidden compartment—in its collection of distinctive intimate and sexual lifestyle products. 

“Entrenue has a reputation of picking up only the best products to represent and also as being a luxury product distributor,” ToiBocks President Dawn Tulman said. “To be associated with Entrenue affirms ToiBocks’ standing as a quality product, as a luxury storage product, and gives us the ability to reach a much larger audience, thereby exposing the brand to the high-caliber customers that utilize Entrenue as their distributor.”

Entrenue Sales and Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek said the ToiBocks line has been on her radar since she first learned of the products’ proprietary locking mechanisms that make the ToiBocks and ToiTissue so effective at storing private products and protecting them from prying or curious hands.

“We appreciated how much thought was put into both the products and the display pieces around them,” Mazurek said. “Tulman offers specific sales tools that cater to the three types of retail sales models: home parties, brick-and-mortar and online. She’s a very thoughtful manufacturer and we love that about her.”

The ToiBocks’ and ToiTissue’s discreet nature, high-quality construction and beautiful design elements hit Entrenue’s “three main chords,” and she knew Tulman’s product line would be a perfect fit.

“Entrenue is very selective with the products they represent so they can give the products the customer service that they deserve,” Tulman said. “They are an intimate company run by some truly amazing, caring individuals, and that intimacy is necessary in representing a brand that is relatively new and whose products require a bit of education to be effectively demonstrated and sold.”

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