The Bare Essentials of Baci Lingerie

Once upon a time, there were lingerie lines that only consisted of lacy items in black or red. They were often adorned with sequins or feathers, and they fed the tried-and-true male fantasy of a woman being a “bad girl” in the bedroom.

But one day, women started to demand more from their lingerie. They wanted more than a choice between the boring everyday white bras and panties and the racy and sometimes impractical “sexy” items. And lingerie manufacturers and designers started to take note.Today, lingerie companies are designing more feminine pieces, in a variety of colors and styles, all in an effort to target a specific audience and give them what they want to feel pretty, sexy and sophisticated. And Baci Lingerie is one company determined to do just that, and make a big splash in the meantime.

While the initial collection—which includes 500 pieces, a major undertaking for any new company—does not officially launch until the International Lingerie Show, April 12-14 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Internetmarketing-Miami LLC, the parent company of Baci Lingerie, has already branded the name by sponsoring major trade shows in recent months, including AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo in January in Las Vegas.

“We invested a lot of money in a market analysis, and these specialists found out that the sexy lingerie market is still very young, and rapidly growing, and in our eyes is just in the early stages,” said Robert Rosen of Internetmarketing-Miami LLC. “But Baci Lingerie is not just an American brand. It is a worldwide brand sold already in other countries which are a lot less developed than the United States. For example, Baci Lingerie has many exclusive partners in Eastern European countries already. Our partner in Germany, who prelaunched Baci Lingerie a couple of months ago as a test run for us, sells more than 290,000 items a week. That is a tremendous amount of product, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Baci (pronounced bah-chee) is the Italian word for “kiss,” and a type of philosophy for the company, Rosen said. The idea behind each of the pieces in the initial line is that they should be beautiful and sensual, because “what could be more beautiful than receiving a kiss from the one true beauty in your life?”

Though it might seem new to the lingerie scene, Baci Lingerie actually got its start five years ago. The company’s main investor—who does not like to speak or appear publicly—is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Rosen said, having been involved as a major player in a variety of industries, including technology, automobiles and jewelry.

“He has always had a strong desire to create beauty and happiness, and with this idea and project he wanted to bring that to as many people as possible. Some people collect real estate in the South of France; others collect fine works of art. Our main investor wanted to share his idea and passion for creating beauty with the world,” Rosen said. “It started five years ago with a burning passion to create something and make an everlasting mark.”

To that end, Baci Lingerie launched with a $25 million investment the first year and $35 million allotted for the second. Baci Lingerie’s philosophy and concept is based on offering a wide range of well-designed, high-quality lingerie, marketed using the best photographs, art work and packaging—and all at the lowest feasible prices, so that as many people as possible would be able to afford them. Rather than selling expensive lingerie that only a few can buy, Baci Lingerie aims to reach a greater number of people by providing affordable indulgences that will brighten their wearers’ daily lives.

“We want a wide range of women to experience the feeling of putting on extremely sexy lingerie for their man,” Rosen said. And, of course, they also hope men will enjoy buying such lingerie for someone special.

Baci Lingerie will debut with 500 styles in their first collection. The pieces are designed to have anything and everything available for women for any occasion. The second collection will debut at the Salon International De La Lingerie in Paris in January 2011 and will include another 500 styles of sensual lingerie, plus 250 costumes. Each Baci collection will come with a subcollection that will complement each line and strengthen the brand. For example, the subcollection for the first year will be eyelashes, Rosen said.

But the attention to detail isn’t limited to the collection. During the photo shoot for a lavish catalogue, internationally renowned fashion models slipped into the seductive apparel of the new brand, but a still camera was not the only thing focused on them. Baci’s creators had the forethought to not only photograph each of the 500 styles but also to shoot videos to be released with the photos. Each of Baci Lingerie’s 500-piece collection was shot so that individual styles had their own setting with front and back pictures and in video format to provide customers with a detailed view.

“We know Baci Lingerie will hurt many competitors, but in the end it’s a win, win, win situation for everyone,” Rosen said. “A win for the stores who get the most beautiful products for the best price, a win for the customer who gets a truly high-quality lingerie at an affordable price, and a win for our investor, whose dreams and wishes to bring true happiness and enjoyment to everyone come true.”

Baci Lingerie Bats Eyes With New Lash Subcollection at ILS

Each year, Baci Lingerie’s creators will introduce a subcollection that will coincide with the release of its main collection. This year, the lingerie design team’s first such effort will be an assortment of faux eyelashes. The reusable lashes  will be shown during Baci’s official launch at the International Lingerie Show.

The eyelash subcollection will feature 250 styles of the highest-quality reusable lashes. Every eyelash is carefully made, with hair-like fibers in exotic colors, and is easy to use. As Baci does with its lingerie styles, each model was photographed in its own setting from a variety of angles, in both still and video format, to give customers an up-close view of each style. A video clip will detail the correct procedures for applying the eyelashes.

“Forget all you know about eyelash extensions,” said Emilio Brevetti, chief designer of the production team. “These are not your standard eyelash extensions. Advanced design such as feathering, layering and facial lighting have been developed to emphasize eye color and enhance facial features.”

Brevetti added, “No company in the world has this many styles along with a photo production of each style.”
In following the Baci Lingerie concept of providing affordable luxury, prices on the Baci eyelashes will be lower than any other competitors.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2010 issue of AVN's Intimate supplement.