Tenga Set To Debut Line of Items For Couples

TOKYO—Tenga, manufacturers of single-use masturbators for men and the Iroha line of vibrators for women, has announced it will soon release a line of pleasure items for couples.

Vi-Bo is a series of vibrating intimacy products designed around a vibrating orb core.

The vibrating orb, companied with five different Vi-Bo covers create a line of five different products to be used for a variety of different intimate situations for couples.

Vi-Bo provides a simple, small and fund addition to bedroom play for couples. Unlike most bedrooms toys of the past that were designed for one person to “use on another, the Vi-Bo items are a “love support item” that provide an opportunity for couples to share a deeper communication.

The simple, small designs are easy to use for any experience level, and the pop and colorful designs provide an accessible product that makes it easier for a couple to say, “How about we try this tonight?”

Items in the line are the Vi-Bo Finger Orb, the Vi-Bo Ring Orb, the Vi-Bo Hand Orb, the Vi-Bo Twin Orb and the Vi-Bo Stick Orb.

The Vi-Bo base orb is the core of the vibrating products, and provides a variety of uses for the various situations of couples play.

The Vi-Bo covers use a brand new elastomer that allows stretch with a smooth sensation on skin contact.

Vi-Bo is waterproof up to 50cm, meaning the products are easy to wash and maintain and can be used in the bath or shower.

For more information, visit www.Tenga-Global.com.