Tenga Joins Jimmy's Naughty Nightie Night Party at the Palms

LAS VEGAS — If you drive past the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas in the next few days, you will see something on their Jumbotron that has not been seen before: an adult novelty product staged in the middle of a signature Las Vegas event. Tenga, the best-selling male sex toy in Japan entering the U.S. market this year, is sponsoring Jimmy’s Naughty Nightie Night.

The event, slated for June 27, marks the beginning of a marketing relationship between the Palms and Satistec LLC, the official North American distributor for Tenga. It’s the eighth year for this signature event targeting the Palms’ extensive celebrity and best customer clientele.

“The high quality, sophisticated stunning style, inoffensive labeling and just plain great fun of the product makes Tenga a perfect match for the Palms brand,” said Trent Parks, national account executive of the Palms Casino Resort. “Our guests love to party at the Palms, and we welcome Tenga to the party.”

Tenga is in good company at the event: The other three sponsors are Tequila Herradura, Russian Standard Vodka and Le Tourment Vert, a collection of highest quality liquor brands from Russia, France and Mexico. Providing entertainment for the event will be the Pussycat Dolls, the Grammy-nominated and Billboard award-winning top-selling female band.

The official dress for the event is pajamas and lingerie. As part of the package for celebrities and VIPs, custom-made pajamas with the Tenga logo will be delivered to them upon their arrival at the resort. Gift bags containing Tenga products will also be given to 500 celebrities and VIPs at the event. And Tenga will be part of the signage, light shows and extensive souvenir collateral in addition to being part of the costuming of the bartenders and the Pussycat Dolls.

“Our brand and products have become part of the pop culture in Japan,” said Koichi Matsumoto, founder of Tenga Japan and inventor/designer of the Tenga product line. “We are committed to creating a similar outcome in North America with products customized for that market. The Palms event and relationship will be an important stage for introducing us directly to the U.S. market with impact and fun.”

Tenga’s first North American release is a line of disposable products designed to simulate the feel of high-quality oral and vaginal intercourse. They deliver powerful and controllable suction without motors or pumps that the man controls as he uses them. The packaging of the existing products is similar to upscale men’s toiletries. Other products to be introduced resemble electronic components and other attractive, discreet items.

“Tenga wants to put out products of which a man can be proud that deliver a superb usage experience. It’s all about the way the product feels when you use it and how it looks when you aren’t using it. Through advanced engineering, the products function like Disneyland for men, with each product delivering a different ride that the man controls from second to second,” said Robert G. Largen, a founding member of Satistec. “The Palms relationship is part of building a high-quality brand.”

Tenga’s convenience, advanced engineering and tasteful packaging are qualities that make it very different from the usual assortment of adult toys for men. The red, black and silver containers don’t betray the purpose of the product inside, making the devices something a man can be proud to own, a friend unembarrassed to give and a device ideal for travel.

“Working with Tenga in Japan, we committed to maximizing the line against the American male and market,” said Largen, who has worked nationally and internationally in more than 100 different consumer and business-to-business categories. “We wanted to make sure that the products delivered exceptionally against the large range of sizes in our market, and undertook a series of field tests using design alternatives to develop a uniformly high-scoring product line. We customized the packaging to be discreet and to conform to stringent packaging and liability requirements as well as having a look that a man would be proud and unembarrassed to own. We’re putting the same amount of time, effort and care into this brand that companies that sell billions of units do.”

For more information, visit Satistec.com.