T.I.T.S Releases Second Tera Patrick Collaboration

SEATTLE—T.I.T.S (Two In The Shirt) is excited to announce its second T-shirt collaboration with the sexy Tera Patrick as she shows off her vision of what a real wifey is.

This concept features Patrick downing a bottle of Moet with nothing on but an apron as she poses in front of her custom motorcycle built by XXX Kustoms. This is the follow-up to the first collaboration, “Luxury Model,” which featured Patrick posing in front her very own Bentley coupe.

What makes this collaboration unique is that Patrick wanted to show what her vision of a true wifey is.

“Usually this typically comes from a male’s perspective so to have someone like Tera wanting to show her idea of a perfect wifey was a great idea,” said Marek Grubel, owner and founder of T.I.T.S.

“Being a wifey is hard-ass work! The trick is learning how to polish the ride, not let my tits fall out of the apron, and no matter what never drop the bottle!” said Tera Patrick.

The “Tera Wifey” is part of the Spring 1 collection and is available now for men and women on ShopTITS.com. Also available is an exclusive iPhone skin that features the same wifey-inspired pose.

“The wifey is the absolute quintessential modern sexy statement. Having Tera on the shirt makes it the first-ever celebrity sex symbol wifey,” said Evan Seinfeld of Teravision. “Take T.I.T.S.’ best-selling shirt and add some XXX star power, and the world is poised to wear a whole lot of Tera Patrick shirts.”