System JO Releases New POP Displays

LOS ANGELES - Lubricant manufacturer System JO has released six new point-of-purchase displays to help retailers increase sales of the company's products.


System JO's range of new POP displays includes the Sensual Solutions Profit Center Floor Display, Sensual Solutions Powerwing/Floor Display, Sensual Solutions Spinner Display, Silicone Premium Lubricant 4cc Display Box (200 count), H2O Personal Lubricant 4cc Display Box (200 count) and the System JO Counter Display.


"System JO has always maintained that POP merchandising is an essential component to capturing customer attention, establishing brand identity and creating sales by attracting them to the bright color and unique configuration of the display," Marketing Director Ted LeVine told AVN Novelty Business.


LeVine said System JO's POP displays are made to be simple and retailer-friendly, with concepts that "begin with a retailer's needs in mind."


"We usually debut prototypes at industry trade shows for additional tweaking and then go into production," he said. "Our goal is to create a memorable experience when you see a System JO product or merchandising display and [for end users to] enjoy a memorable experience when [using] System JO personal lubricants."


Retailers can order System JO POP displays through their preferred distributors. The displays are available at no cost.


Additional marketing materials such as posters, shelf talkers, mobiles, floor signs and brochures are available upon request.


System JO also offers in-store training seminars to help merchants and managers boost their staffs' sales of System JO products. For additional information, send email to [email protected].