System JO Picked Up by CVS Pharmacies

LOS ANGELES - JO personal lubricants from System JO, manufacturer and producer of sensual enhancement products, are now available at CVS stores nationwide.


"Sensual care products are one of the fastest growing categories among health and beauty products," Cory Ceizler, a System Jo representative, said. "They have demonstrated mainstream appeal to a broad range of demographics. National chains have recognized the growing market and are offering sensual care products throughout their stores; and one of the top-selling brands is System JO."


System JO, the producer of JO personal lubricants JO glides, JO stimulating gels, and JO enhancement supplements for men and women, among others, uses the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in its lubricants, which makes it naturally safer with a noticeably smoother, silkier feel, he said.


All System JO products go through stringent quality control for purity and safety-from raw materials to manufacturing, label claim, microbial testing, shelf life, and more, added Ceizler. All System JO's lines are manufactured under strict FDA manufacturing guidelines.