Sliquid Presents Rejuvenation, Tranquility and Seduction

DALLASLubricant and lotion manufacturer Sliquid has revamped packaging of its organically infused Massage Oils, in both the Rejuvenation and Tranquility blends. A third scent, Seduction, has also been added to balance out the collection.

All three feature the same natural base ingredients, yet each is infused with hand-selected scents designed to align the mind, body and spirit in their own unique ways.

“The new packaging for our Organics Massage Oils has a more vibrant, bold and enticing aesthetic,” explained Dean Elliott, owner of Sliquid. “We fuse naturally occurring nut and seed oils with hand-selected certified organic botanicals containing natural healing and soothing properties. Each of them will affect the user in different ways.”

Rejuvenation is a blend of mandarin and basil, aromas with the ability to awaken senses and stimulate the nervous system. Tranquility is formulated to relax and de-stress with its calming blend of coconut, lime, and verbena. The newest addition to the line, Seduction, is infused with a sexy and alluring roasted French vanilla.

“Seduction is made from natural extracts of the richest, most vibrant strain of vanilla available,” Elliott continued. “It is designed to inspire raw passion, bringing lovers to new levels of arousal, all the while being completely natural and vegan friendly.”

For more information about Sliquid Organics Massage Oils or to place an order, call

(800) SLIQUID or email [email protected].