Sliquid Adds New Ride Dude Lube Cubes

DALLASLubricant manufacturer Sliquid has added two new 12-count pillow cube samplers to its Ride Dude Lube brand for its water-based and silicone formulas. Previously, the brand offered one sampler cube with six sample packs of each lube blend.

“The first Ride Dude Lube Cube was such a big hit, we elected to expand the cubes and now offer a 12-pillow pack for both Water-Based and Silicone,” explained Dean Elliott, owner of Sliquid LLC. “Now that men have had a chance to try them both, it only made sense to offer a separate lube cube for each, so they could have more of their favorite lube in one cube.”

In addition to being introductory samplers, Lube Cubes are perfect for travel. Sized and packaged for discretion, Lube Cubes can fit into a glove compartment, briefcase, shave kit, gym bag or even a pocket.

“It isn’t convenient to carry around an entire bottle of lubricant with you when you’re traveling or just out prowling for some action,” Elliott continued. “With Ride Dude Lube Cubes, men on the go are prepared for a good time wherever opportunity presents itself. Not only are there more travel sized pillow-packs of his favorite lubricant in one cube, Ride Dude Lube Cubes will fit most standard sized condoms so he can play safe.”

For more information about Sliquid’s Ride Dude Lube Cubes or to place an order, call

(800) SLIQUID or email [email protected].