Shots Media Debuts Masturazor in Touche Line

LOS ANGELES—The newest item for Touche, a product line from Holland’s Shots Media, is the Masturazor, a massager and electric razor in one.

One side of the Masturazor houses a strong, quiet bullet motor for powerful vibrations, while the other side is covered by a safety cap over the shaving head, which is powered by one AAA battery. The safety cap protects the shaving head, so only one side can be used at a time.

Touche offers other shaving add-ons so the user can create a personal, secret shape.

The bullet motor for the Masturazor replaceable and splash-proof, so it can be used in the shower.

The Masturazor is available in Serene Pink and Pure Purple.

The Touche line is distributed in North America by Los Angeles-based B Swish. For more information, visit