Sex on the Beach

Summertime is upon us; a great time to head the beach-and have sex! At least, that's what a lot of our customers are thinking about. Thankfully, smart manufacturers and retailers have the goods to help them realize their fantasies. Here's how to help your company capitalize on these long hot days.

When it comes to a truly cool summer sex toy, the Icegasm is impossible to beat. Sold at, it's reputed to be the world's first vibrating ice massager. The theory behind the device is straightforward: Customers cast an ice tip using the kind of plastic molds usually reserved for homemade popsicles. The difference is that when they pour in the water, they then put a special lid on top of the mold. When frozen, this lid connects the ice tip to the vibrating base.

"Icegasm was invented by myself and a friend/co-worker, Donovan Schlunt, at a local Cincinnati-based pizza joint," says RAD Novelties' Ross Webster. "We spend a fair number of hours playing with our balls (dough balls) prepping for the day's business. One day while busy with our balls, we were discussing many women's need for vibration: the ‘if it doesn't vibrate, forget it' attitude. At some point, we got on the topic of the notorious 9 1/2 Weeks ice scene with Kim Basinger. How much more fun could that have been had the ice been vibrating; is that possible?

"After a little research, we found that vibrating ice did not exist," he continues. "We did some asking around and discovered there was tremendous interest in the concept, which sparked the entrepreneurial synapses in our collective brain. We began developing the product, and RAD Novelties was born. Vibrating ice stuck in our heads as an opportunity to launch the world's first... needless to say, it has been a fun project."

So how does one actually use the Icegasm at the beach? "I suspect I would pack my pre-frozen Icegasm in the old cooler with my favorite adult beverages," Webster replies. "Then I would keep my girl cool as she basks in the sunshine, with a gentle ice massage, tickling and teasing from head to toe; perhaps pausing for a moment to contrast the vibrating ice with a warm tongue. Or maybe I'll flavor my Icegasm with Kool Aid, an energy drink, or even beer. At that point, the game would become not letting a drop of my favorite flavored Icegasm hit the towel. Perfect for giver and receiver!"Whew! And onward...

ANB contacted adult retailer Babeland for their "sex on the beach" suggestions. Babeland Marketing Director Anne Semans replied by offering a number of suitable products, starting with waterproof vibrators. "Whether you're in the shower, at the pool, hot tub, or beach, waterproof vibes are ready for fun," she says. "Babeland has a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles to keep your summer hot and wet." Other suggestions include Babeland's Discreet Ducky, a.k.a. I Rub My Duckie-a standard rubber ducky with a vibrator hidden inside. Another smart idea is the We Vibe internal vibrator, a waterproof device that massages the clitoris and G-spot during intercourse. (Yes, the woman wears it inside.) The U-shaped Rock Chick internal G-spot massager is also suitable for outdoor use, and it too is hands-free.

"For more underwater tips, try the waterproof Aqua Kama Sutra book," Semans says. She also emphasizes the need for silicone lubes at the seaside: "Silicone lubes don't wash away in water-even the warm water of your hot tub or shower! They last hours longer than any water-based lube and have a smoother, more silky texture. Silicone lubes are also a great alternative for people with allergies to glycerin."

Speaking of Kuma Sutra-the adult retailer, that is-they've got their own suggestions for enhancing warm weather naughtiness. "For fun on the beach, how about Kama Sutra's Weekender Kit?" asks Cheryl Flangel, U.S. distribution sales director for The Kama Sutra Company. "Small and portable, this sweet little kit fits discreetly in your pocket, so it's ready to go wherever and whenever you are! Available in two different flavors, the Weekender Kit contains small portions of some of Kama Sutra's best sellers: Oil of Love, Massage Oil, Love Liquid lubricant, Honey Dust powder with feather duster and Pleasure Balm.

"And in case you get a little too much sun on your exposed ‘bum,' how about Kama Sutra's Body Souffle Cream in Cool Mint?" Flangel adds. "This cooling massage cream tingles on the skin while moisturizing too! Have your lover smooth some of this refreshing Body Souffle all over your body while the sun does its crazy hot magic. Lickable too, for those sensual kisses that are sure to be applied to all the exposed body parts."

Good Vibrations also recommends waterproof vibrators for the beach. "The smaller ones are probably best for beach transport," says Allison Goldstein, Good Vibrations' marketing coordinator. "I'd recommend the Lucky 7 Vibe, Screaming Octopus, Mini Vibes (from Fun Factory), and the Daring Dolphin wearable vibe." Goldstein also recommends the Safer Sex Tote Bag. This is a clear 12-inch by 15-inch tote bag/purse that contains 16 condoms sealed into pockets on each side. Note: These are only for show, so be sure to sell your clients spares for actual use.

Further ideas for wet and wild outdoor fun? "Any of our remote control eggs," says Al Bloom of California Exotic Novelties. "They can be inserted, [and] they are undetectable under a bikini." He highlights Cal Exotic's model 0080-10-3, which "is a waterproof seven-function, remote-controlled egg." According to Cal Exotic's website, this rubber egg comes with seven Hypersonic functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, and has a 15-foot range between the radio-controlled egg and its remote control.

"I would say that small, portable glass [novelties] would be functional," adds pjur Group CEO Richie Harris. "The key components are that you can put them in the cooler to chill them up, and they are discreet."

The wealth of products recommended proves that, when it comes to sex on the beach, there is no reason for your customers to leave home without their favorite beach toys-blow-up or otherwise!