Sensuva Debuts Erosense Personal Moisturizers

LOS ANGELES—Sensuva has announced the launch of a new line of personal moisturizers, Erosense.

Erosense has products that fit each type of personal moisturizer: Erosense Aqua is a natural water-based product, Erosense Sync is a hybrid formula and Erosense Luxe is a premium silicone moisturizer.

“We used a combination of high-quality, natural, organic, and food-grade ingredients that are gentle and healthy for the body,” Sensuva Branding and Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek said. “We know that there are a lot of lubricants on the market, and we have no plans to become a lubricant company, but we think offering more healthy choices is extremely important as consumer expectations for higher quality body care products continually increase. Expanding our line with Erosense seemed logical because of our company’s focus on a person’s entire sexual experience and well-being.”

Also, after launching ON Silicone Personal Moisturizer earlier this year, they encountered many requests for these classic styles.

The entire Erosense line was created in-house at Sensuva’s own lab in California, and the goal they achieved was to offer a line of the healthiest personal moisturizers stores have carried. The line is pH balanced for women, and doesn’t contain menthol, glycerin or any parabens.

Launched earlier this year, ON Silicone Personal Moisturizer is a premium silicone lubricant that included some of the essence of ON Arousal.

“We did that because ON Arousal users were using lubricant with our product and wanted the powerful effects to stay the same,” Mazurek said.

Sometimes when people use ON Arousal with water-based lubricants, the effects feel stronger, and when they use silicone lubricants the effects of ON Arousal may diminish somewhat, she noted. Putting a small amount of ON Arousal in there extends the life and maintains the sensation of ON Arousal.

“I believe that Erosense Sync, our hybrid formula, is hands-down the best one on the market,” Mazurek said. “It has an aloe vera juice base and made with healthy, food-grade ingredients. It has a fresh scent and is more pleasant to the pallet than any other hybrid I’ve seen.

“We also used more silicone than most other hybrids (around 15 percent) so it lasts longer and feels even extremely silky,” she continued. “I am incredibly proud to be offering this formula, it is amazing.“

Erosense Aqua, the natural water-based formula also has a fresh scent and slightly detectible sweet taste. It feels the closest to someone’s own natural lubrication. The aloe vera-based ingredient list is simple, clean, and the perfect choice for anyone with sensitivities.

Erosense Luxe, the premium silicone formula, is a blend of three premium silicones. The consistency is thin enough to feel your partner, but the glide lasts for an extended amount of time.

Stylishly packaged, Sensuva is offering the three Erosense formulas in a 4.2-ounce bottles. Signage and plenty of educational information is available for retailers.

Sensuva offers branded counter displays, testers and matching merchandising sales tools to all retailers and distributors. Mazurek also is happy to provide product education and sales tips to Sensuva’s clientele.

For product details and information, contact Mazurek at [email protected] or call (425) 880-6006. To learn more about Sensuva and its arousal line, visit