SLS Specialty Launches 'Jonny Cum Late Please' for Men

HOUSTON—SLS Specialty has released Jonny Cum Late Please, the latest must-have male enhancement supplement designed for men, but marketed to women shopping for something special to boost his performance in the bedroom. The product was custom designed exclusively for the specialty distributor.

Jonny Cum Late Please was created to remedy men's minor impotency issues while appealing to women seeking a way to introduce the idea of sexual enhancement into the relationship. A proprietary herbal blend helps increase blood flow to the penis and to prolong erections, while also enhancing pleasure sensations during the act.

"We created Jonny Cum Late Please to appeal to both sexes and fulfill a clear market need for female-friendly male enhancement," SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. "The bright, eye-catching packaging and approachable image has made Jonny Cum Late Please a home party must-have, and we know it's going to be just as hot of a seller in the adult retail market."

Jonny Cum Late Please is available in two-pill blister cards, and matching merchandising tools including posters and samples are available upon request.

For more information about display and package options, as well as product details and images, email [email protected].

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