SLS Specialty Brings Sportsheets’ Sex & Mischief to Adult Market

HOUSTONFull-line distributor SLS Specialty has picked up the fully merchandised Sex & Mischief (S&M) collection made by the award-winning Sportsheets brand, offering complete Plan-o-Gram programs and product bundles to promote the one-of-a-kind beginner bondage line.

S&M is a comprehensive collection of cuffs, straps and other light bondage accessories made with the quality of Sportsheets but with thoughtful detailing that prices every product under $45 MSRP. Each item is packaged in slatwall-friendly boxes featuring high-fashion-style photography designed to appeal to the curious and savvy sex toy shopper—precisely what makes S&M stand out among the rest.

“Sportsheets is one of SLS Specialty’s flagship brands and when they came out with a cost-conscious brand of fetish accessories, we jumped on it,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. “In order to keep within its price range, this collection doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Sportsheets Premium, but is made with the same long-lasting craftsmanship. This allows the brand to compete with every other similar line on the market.”

S&M is ideal for retailers of all levels and comes at a low buy-in of only $694, which includes the entire premium-packaged collection with a Plan-o-Gram and all of the posters and digital merchandising options developed personally by Sportsheets.

Custom signage also is available for retailers in need of specific sizes.

“S&M is an essential for all stores; it’s light, fun and appealing to even the most vanilla shopper looking to try something new,” Nelson said. “There’s no scary hardware, no clips or clamps, and each item is one complete piece so there’s nothing confusing or complicated about them. Open the box, strap it on and go.”

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