SLS Specialty Brings RealTouch Sex Emulator to Adult, Gay Retail Markets

HOUSTON—Brand-conscious boutique distributor SLS Specialty has signed with RealTouch to distribute the revolutionary male intimacy device among adult retail stores across the nation. With promo tools, sales training programs, and a stellar reputation to back it, the RealTouch will forever change the way men masturbate.

The RealTouch is a high-tech masturbatory tool for men that connects to a computer or TV and emulates the sex acts taking place on screen. Specially configured adult content links to a microchip within the RealTouch and signals when the product’s inner chambers should alter tightness, movement and even lubrication. When the performer on screen moves from oral sex to vaginal, for example, the RealTouch knows and the sensation its user feels reflects it perfectly.

“The RealTouch is a one-of-a-kind product that not only a few distributors have jumped on, and SLS Specialty is excited to make it a best-seller in both the straight and gay markets,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. “RealTouch has developed versions for both demographics with corresponding adult content, along with a series of sales tools to show retailers how to display and showcase such a unique product. I truly believe this is a revolutionary move for male-focused sex toys.”

The RealTouch has undergone a testing phase within the brick-and-mortar retail circuit and response has been phenomenally positive, with retailers including Adam & Eve and Hustler Hollywood already stocking the product. RealTouch’s marketing department has put together a series of point-of-sale (POS) options to help stores spread the word and inform shoppers of how the product works.

“Each store knows its customer base best, and we offer a number of POS options – flyers, posters, window clings, standees – with both gay and straight orientations so retailers can structure it for the best results,” RealTouch Director of Sales Scott Rinaldo said. “It’s a hi-tech device and should be displayed on a level of a comparable high-end women’s toy. The RealTouch is not an impulse purchase, but more like a luxury vibrator one might keep in the top drawer.”

Shoppers with smart-phones can access more information about the RealTouch using a QR code displayed on the box, and the company is producing slick 7-inch LCD screens that will loop a commercial showcasing the RealTouch’s techniques.

“Several stores have also set up in-store demo units for customers to see and feel for themselves – with their fingers of course!” Rinaldo said. “That instant reaction of 'Oh? Oh!' helps shoppers to overcome a lot of initial trepidation.”

Sales and training meetings are available for scheduling with Rinaldo, and Nelson at SLS will provide his company’s customer base with every tool, trick and tip they need to start making major strides with the RealTouch. RealTouch is confident and excited to be working with a distributor with such a strong name in the adult retail world.

“SLS is known for its reputation for carrying the top names and adult products, and working one-on-one with their retail customers to help them sell those products,” Rinaldo said. “Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that all too often product drophips in with no explanation or sales tools, and it languishes on the shelf.  SLS’s commitment to going above and beyond in this area matches our own, and our relationship is a natural one!”

Email sales inquiries to sales@slsspecialty.

SLS Specialty is a boutique distributor that focuses on marketing and promoting full-line brands of adult products, including sex toys, apparel and accessories for sexual enhancement. SLS stocks only the hottest, most in-demand names in adult and works one-on-one with retailers across the U.S. to give them the information, products and sales tools they need to do business better.

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