SLS Specialty Brings LELO, LELO Homme to Brand Lineup

HOUSTONBoutique distributor SLS Specialty has brought LELO on as its first luxury line of adult products to bring smart, high-end design to retail stores who have yet to take advantage of the unparalleled sales potential that carrying a brand like LELO can bring.

“To hit the broadest customer demographic possible, retail shops must offer products at low, medium and high price points, and thoughtfully designed brands like LELO are ideal for customers looking for something on the higher end of the scale,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. “LELO truly understands quality construction, packaging and consumer appeal and any store not yet carrying the brand truly is missing a key retail component.”

LELO is a lifestyle brand that makes experiencing sensual luxury accessible to all, and its vast name recognition and unique product variety has proven that there’s a significant market for luxury styled G-spot vibrators, hand-held massagers and even sophisticated sex tools made especially for men.

“Our research shows that the need for these products is ever growing, especially with younger generations who have information at their fingertips via the Internet,” LELO U.S. Sales Manager Donna Faro said. “Our range of products are presented in a healthy and non-threatening way and is what we believe especially lends to the success for LELO Homme. SLS historically has had a unique niche presence whose reputation and appeal has consistently grown among retail buyers. LELO is very excited to work with this fine company and the exposure to our brand that has been underdeveloped until now.”

SLS Specialty will put a special focus on the LELO Homme line of men’s products, developing innovative and creative promotional concepts that will highlight the collection’s unique message that using sex toys is a healthy and fun way to explore male sexuality.

“Every man, regardless of sexual orientation, can experience sensual-wellness-based pleasure with one or all of our LELO Homme products,” Faro said. “The technology and high quality of the products truly lend to the level of trust that LELO has built with its customers. The line’s overwhelming success has surprised many by becoming a cornerstone of their business as well as incremental to increasing everyday average unit sales at the retail and wholesale levels.”

SLS Specialty recognized this early on and plans to use the influence and trust it has within the adult retail market to spread the word while delivering the high level of service the distributor is known for. Among other tools, SLS has brought on LELO’s Retail Display Unit program, an exciting new opportunity for retailers to stock and display the LELO line in the most comprehensive and eye-catching way.

SLS Specialty is a boutique distributor that focuses on marketing and promoting full-line brands of adult products, including sex toys, apparel and accessories for sexual enhancement. SLS stocks only the hottest, most in-demand names in adult and works one-on-one with retailers across give them the information, products and sales tools they need to do business better.

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