Rollouts Set for TitanMen Tools, Lubes

LUXEMBOURG - Pjur Group and Doc Johnson are preparing to launch TitanMen Tools and TitanMen Lubes, which the companies said are among the "most exciting and innovative product lines to hit the adult market in years."


The lines of toys, lubes and enhancement products will be represented by the brand-management company Lucom s.a., holder of the exclusive worldwide license for all TitanMen products except DVDs.


At the Adult Entertainment Expo in January, Doc Johnson gave a sneak peak at its line of TitanMen sex toys. This week, Pjur Group announced that the first products in its new line of TitanMen lubricants and sexual enhancement products will be shipped beginning in May.


TitanMen Lubricants is set to begin with Rock Hard (water-based), Titanium (silicone) and Hybrid, which combines water-based and silicone lubricants.


Each will be available in two sizes, 75 milliliters and 200 milliliters. Titanium will be packaged in an easy-to-grip bottle with a pump-top dispenser, while Titan Hybrid and Rock Hard will be available in tubes designed for easy one-handed application.


TitanMen Vice President Keith Webb told AVN Novelty Business he couldn't be happier with the final product.


"The lube and toys are great, I am very proud of the entire line," he said. "I believe we have one of the best designed and branded gay lines on the novelty market. We have been very, very picky to make sure every aspect of the product lines truly represent our brand. It truly is the best of the best coming together to make an amazing product line."


Titan Media founder Bruce Cam and Pjur Group owner Alexander Giebel first teamed up more than five years ago, when they joined forces to expand Titan Media's DVD presence beyond the North American market. Cam and Giebel also were looking for other ways to broaden their horizons with the TitanMen name.


"Lubricants and toys were always part of the plan," Giebel said. "We took the perfect masculine brand, the best toy manufacturer, the best lubricant and enhancement producer, and it resulted in the best gay product line."


The line of sex toys, developed and manufactured by Doc Johnson, has been dubbed "tools" rather than "toys" to coincide with the advertising slogan "Toys are for boys, tools are for men."


The initial rollout of TitanMen Tools will include Nite Stix dildos and Vibrations vibrators, all of which feature a combination of glossy and matte black finishes with blue accents. TitanMen Tools, like all new Doc Johnson products, feature Sil-A-Gel, an additive that renders products nontoxic, cadmium-free, antibacterial and latex-free.


"Doc Johnson has always been at the forefront of the industry in developing strategic alliances with other industry-leading companies," said Chad Braverman, director of product development and licensing. "This partnership is a perfect example of elite manufacturers being brought together to do what they do best."


Webb said the partnership "is merely the tip of the iceberg."


"Over the next few years, the powers-that-be at Titan Media will continue to work closely with the design teams at both Pjur Group and Doc Johnson in an effort to create the most complete and innovative family of adult novelty products bearing the TitanMen brand name. As part of an ongoing promotion of the line, Titan will feature the new toys and lubes in future DVD releases throughout the coming years."


Pjur Group plans to release Titan Grease, Titan Blue, Titan Relax and the cleaning spray Titan Clean by the end of the summer.


TitanMen Tools, Lubes and Enhancements will be available at major retailers across North America, Europe and Australia this summer.


Lucom s.a. will be the primary distributor of the complete Titan line (including DVDs) in Europe.


Interested parties in the United States should contact a local distributor, Doc Johnson or Pjur USA for more information.