Pjur's New Bottle Size Met with Excitement

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg–Recently, pjur presented the pjur Woman lubricant gel in a new 250ml bottle. The new bottle size was presented at eroFame, and already at the trade convention, the orders from wholesale and retail clients exceeded all expectations.

pjur Woman is a high-quality lubricant gel on silicone basis, created to cater to the needs of the soft and sensitive female skin. Due to the great demand, pjur decided to offer a bigger bottle, after all, most women use pjur Woman on a daily basis–be it as a lubricant, for body care, for partner massages, or for use with a toy.

The new 250ml bottle has already proven a great benefit to the trade: In Germany, great numbers of the new pjur Women have been sold, often in combination with We-Vibe toys. These products had been tested for compatibility with the pjurlubricants, with highly positive results. There is also a lot of positive feedback from massage and tantra studios: Just like the pjur Original 250ml bottle also female users now can benefit from the bigger size of pjur Woman body glide in terms of the price.

However, the product is not only incredibly popular in Germany: The Swedish daily paper Aftonbladettested various lubricants, and pjur Woman was awarded the seal of “Bästi Test” as the best product. What impressed the testers most, apart from the extremely long-lasting lubricating properties and the fact that pjur Woman is odorless and tasteless, was the silky-smooth feel it creates on the skin.

For further information on pjur Woman and all the other pjur quality products, visit pjur.com.