Pjur Releases New Products

WASSERBILLIG, Germany—pjur group has announced the release of new products, some of which initially have limited distribution in the United States.

Pjur Woman Cream Glide comes in a 3.4-ounce tube and is a uniquely balanced hybrid formula that leaves skin soft and smooth. The cream is long lasting and perfect to use with silicone toys and is condom compatible, especially since it stays where you put it.

pjur Woman Toy Clean is a cleaning spray for erotic toys and accessories. The cleaner is unscented and non-alcoholic for gentle cleaning. It removes bacteria and fungi, reduces odors and is non-abrasive on alcohol-sensitive materials including latex, rubber, silicone and leather.

pjur Woman Toy Lube is a water/silicone creamy personal lubricant for erotic toys. It is easy to dispense and is non-abrasive on latex, glass, rubber and silicone. The creamy consistency make it last extra long. The Toy Lube is also safe for use with latex condoms.

For more information on any of the pjur products, visit www.pjur.com.