Pjur Lubricants Safe to Use With BMS Factory’s Swan Silicone Toys

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—It’s almost become an industry mantra that silicone lubricant can’t be used with silicone toys.

There are countless opinions on this topic, so pjur and Canada-based Swan producer BMS Factory wanted to get to the bottom of it by carrying out their own extensive practical tests. Sean Marshall, marketing coordinator at BMS Factory, chose the high-quality Swan collection as the appropriate product to conduct these tests.

All in all, three tests with three different pjur silicone formulations were carried out, with a focus on top-selling products that are often used with sex toys: pjur Original, pjur Woman and pjur Basic. For each test, the contents of two bottles of the given product and a Swan vibrator were placed in a container. Then, the vibrator remained in the silicone formulation for 3.5 months without interruption. After this time, the toys were taken out, cleaned and then thoroughly examined. No changes whatsoever to the material or the shape could be found.

When asked about these time-consuming but meaningful tests, Marshall said, “Our tests took quite a while, but we wanted to make sure they lasted an adequate amount of time to show any effects if they were going to happen. The results of the tests are a very positive outcome. It’s safe to say that, overall, these tests were a success for pjur, Swan, and BMS as distributor of these high-quality brands. It should be noted that these experiments were not performed in a scientific environment and use of a silicone lubricant is still up to the discretion of the user. However, these tests do help pave the way for more professional and scientific tests in the future.”

This result should do away with many user concerns, provided that they buy and use products made of high-quality materials. The damage to materials is often the result of poor product quality.

Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of pjur group, explained, “Quality prevails in all areas of life. Premium products are much more cost-effective in the end, because you can use those products much longer than cheap low-priced ones. Not to mention the superior design, craftsmanship, and buying experience. It’s just too bad that many retailers and consumers give in to the price war and are put off by false statements.”

For more information, visit pjur.com, SwanVibes.com or BMSFactory.com.