Ovo Lifestyle Toys Bows Couples Rings Campaign With In-Store Signage

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla.—Ovo Lifestyle Toys has introduced a new promotional campaign rebranding one of its best-selling categories. Aptly renaming the line “Ovo Couple’s Rings,” Ovo is out to remind retailers and consumers alike what its products are all about – inspiring passion.  Although the product category is a familiar one, Ovo’s U.S.-based sales and marketing team recognized the need to draw the attention of couples looking to enhance their natural connection.

To support the campaign, Ovo is producing digital graphics and in-store signage featuring a heart puzzle missing a ring shaped piece.  The text simply asks “Missing Something?”, inviting shoppers to check out the selection of unique ring designs housed on the brand’s signature stand.  

Ovo Lifestyle Toys offers an extremely unique array of battery-powered vibrating rings, each featuring a body shaped to target stimulation differently around sensitive areas. Some feature long vertical designs while others boast narrow pin-pointed extensions, giving couples the choice to experiment with the shape that works best for them. And for fans of the classics, Ovo Lifestyle Toys couples rings also are available with traditional rounded vibrating bullets for simple and straight-forward enhancement. 

“To celebrate the success of our couples ring collection, we’re encouraging couples to take home one of our unique shapes and see what adding some vibration and intensified pleasure can do for their relationships,” OVO Global Account Manager Dana DiValli said. “Our new, couples-friendly signage asks shoppers, ‘Missing Something?’ with a simple and effective graphic that drives the message home.  We’ve designed the sign to hang, stand freely, or attach our displays to make it easy for retailers to offer a seamless introduction to the world of couple’s rings.”

This new campaign and graphic signage made its official debut at the Spring International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in the ECN booth, where Ovo Lifestyle Toys were showcased. Dana DiValli and ECN sales staff introduced attendees to the features and benefits of each vibrating ring in the collection. Retailers are urged to standby for an announcement of when the signage will be available.

In additional to popular couple’s rings, the complete Ovo Lifestyle Toys series includes rabbits, pleasure rings, lay-ons, straight vibes, mini vibes, bullets, remotes and love balls, all tailored for consumers seeking luxury design at an economical price point.

Ovo Lifestyle Toys are distributed in the U.S. exclusively by East Coast News. To order, email [email protected] or call (800) 999-2483. International buyers should contact Ovo directly at [email protected], or visit www.ovolifestyletoys.com.