Novelty Products Make Appearance On 'Kris Jenner Show'

LOS ANGELES—Fox’s Kris Jenner Show featured a recent segment on spicing up your love life, and included tips and products to try.

The show—hosted by Kris Jenner, wife of Bruce Jenner and mother of the Kardashian girls—featured guest co-host Mario Lopez, who joined Kris Jenner in showing audience members how to use the products brought by sex and relationship expert Loren Frances. Among the items were Sportsheets' Ostrich and Starburst Feather Ticklers, Booty Parlor’s Kissable Body Shimmer and Edible Chocolate Body Paint and reusable bondage tape, and Kinklab Bondage Tape from Stockroom.

And after the show, everyone in the audience received a goodie bag filled with some of the highlighted products, courtesy of adult boutique retailer Good Vibrations.

"Sportsheets' Feather Tickler is a great item for people looking for seductive bedroom play," Good Vibrations Purchasing Manager Coyote Days said. "We were happy to provide a gift bag to each audience member, which included the Feather Tickler among other special items."

"We are so proud to see that Sportsheets has reached a new level of mainstream success, and there's nothing quite like seeing our brand on the small screen," Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. "This latest highlight on the Kris Jenner Show is icing on the cake, and we'd like to thank Good Vibrations and Coyote for including us in this special episode dedicated to sex."

“We are so honored that Coyote at Good Vibrations included our KinkLab Bondage Tape in this episode,” said Stockroom Distribution Director Layla Ross. “Our Bondage Tape is versatile and easy to use, so it’s a perfect item for people taking their first step toward bedroom bondage, and we are thrilled that mainstream television and Good Vibrations agree!”

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