Mystim Marking Five Years in Pleasure Product Industry

MOMBRIS, Bavaria—Mystim is celebrating its fifth year in business, while it continues to maintain its core values and dedication to providing quality electrical stimulation products and other toys and accessories.

Mystim offers its customers products with a more female-focused approach under a new label, Petits Joujoux by Mystim.

For Christoph Hofmann, CEO of Mystim, the anniversary is an occasion to look back on the past half-decade.

“I had worked in my parents’ company [before the formation of Mystim]. Already at that time, my job was about electrical stimulation, but out of a medical perspective instead of an erotic one. Many people still do have inhibitions about electrosex, their biggest fear always being, ‘Isn’t that dangerous?’ Most of them are surprised when they get to know that even the old Egyptians used stimulation current as a therapy.”

While working in the mainstream medical field of electrical stimulation, Hofmann noticed that more and more prospects from the erotic industry were demanding better-quality products, which led him to researching the industry and visiting Venus in Berlin in 2003. It was shortly after that show that the creation of Mystim started.

“During the Venus exhibition in 2005, we presented ourselves to a professional audience for the first time. On board we had our two power units, the Tension Lover and the Pure Vibes, which was facelifted last year,” Hofmann said. “Moreover, we presented two probes, which our sister company already carried; our first very own dildo; and a vaginal-anal-combination toy, as well as the prototype of our ball dildo.

“As greenhorns of the branch we used the slogan ‘experience sparkling lust’ and lots of magenta, not knowing that we would soon have to adapt to a more classy black color in order to better meet the expectations of our core target group, the gay market,” Hoffmann added. “The interest and the run on Mystim had already been huge in this first year, but we had been well aware of the fact that we would have to act, learn and grow fast, if we wanted to succeed in this market.”

Mystim would soon adjust the materials of their products from stainless steel to high-grade aluminum. Although the material is more expensive and more complicated in the processing, it has also a much better conductivity. This was one of the first decisions toward a better quality, Hofmann said, and many were soon to follow.

“From the very beginning it was clear in our minds that we wanted to build a strong brand. But with the continuously growing export market, our slogan ‘experience sparkling lust’ was not effective anymore,” Hofmann said. “Although we had translated versions for other regions, those were not universally applicable, too. This was why ‘Mystim—The way I like it’ had been invented. This was not only easy to understand for everybody, but moreover implemented what makes electro stimulation so special: the individuality these toys withhold thanks to their almost unlimited different settings.

“Simultaneously we relaunched our logo, creating the Mystim emblem, which is engraved on our toys since the beginning of this year, in order to consolidate the brand power even more.”

Since April 2009, all Mystim toys leave the company’s production in a classy black paperboard package with an included vision panel so customers can present the products as well as possible.

“Due to the continuously increasing assortment it became a necessity to not only give the power boxes but also the accessories names,” Hofmann said. “Firstly, we used the names of the biggest lovers in history. This is the reason why we carry a Mystim Don Juan, Casanova or Romeo. Later on, we used, always with a wink in our eyes, the first and last names of celebrities, increasing our assortment by a Groovey George, Charming Chuck and Barry Bite.

“Today we offer our customers of the electrosex area, apart from two power boxes, more than 20 toys made of various materials like plastics, aluminum or conductive fibers. To experiment with forms and materials have become an engine for us, which is driving us to new developments. Also, for the future, we will keep pushing the limits of what we think is possible even further. Although we were and still are happy to experience a satisfying growth of market share within the electro sex branch, we never wanted to rest on our laurels, but add a second string to our bow.”

To continue its success, Mystim presented the new female-focused line in a burlesque retro chique during Venus 2009. Petits Joujoux by Mystim is a brave and totally new variety of products, which company officials expect will do great things in the future.

Just like five years ago with the initial electrosex toy collection, Mystim has started with only a few articles in the new line. Currently, the line offers luxurious massage candles in three different scents and sexy body stickers in seven color combinations.

“In the next years, we will enlarge our assortment a lot. We look into the future full of excitement and anticipation,” Hofmann said. “Especially for the Venus 2010 in Berlin, we have already planned some new articles, which we can’t wait to present to our customers.”

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