Marketing Bath and Body (and Other!) Products

Cross merchandising, co-branding, and double exposure-these are all phrases we've heard about and have probably attempted to implement as a strategy.

The key to successfully cross-promoting product is to effectively connect with each consumer. Don't just assume that people will "get it." Use signs, packaging, creative displays, and don't be afraid to really show the products. Bath and body products are an important part of your business and have incredible opportunities for creative displays and sales opportunities.

Product Placement
It sounds simple... but place your shavers near the shave cream! We've all been guilty of keeping related products separated for various reasons. Time to look at the flow of your merchandise and take a lesson from some of the larger main-stream merchandise stores.

Display Techniques
Sometimes it's not enough just to stand corresponding items side by side. Why not use real life props when highlighting specific products? For example, we've used a claw-foot bath tub in our bath and body displays at our Fairvilla Megastore location in Orlando. On that display you might see a loofah next to a personal shaver, with candles along the edge, and scented bubble bath and shave cream on a bath tray. You may see also see a "Rub My Duckie" nearby! Remember, you don't have to create something incredibly large. What about using a pedestal sink or a night stand? Shower curtains make excellent backdrops. Get creative! Make the displays that appeal to the customers.

Signs with descriptions are helpful tools. Not only can you extol the virtues of your products, but you can also talk about how they might be used in conjunction with other items in your store. If the item is endorsed by a celebrity, mention that as well. Remember not to get too wordy. Be direct. Bullet points work best.

Categorize Books
For customers looking for more information about personal care, or other sexual topics, put your book selection is in sections that are easily understood by the consumer. Then, use displays and signs in that department to help cross-merchandise books to the bed and bath products, novelties, movies, fetish items, etc.

Show the Product!
Open a jar of Honey Dust and set it out on the nightstand to illustrate that it's a wonderfully scented everyday dusting powder. Open a book to a specific page that highlights shaving techniques and place it on an easel by your bath display. Customers like interactive displays. Also, encourage your staff to think of ways to weave products together. If they are well-educated on the products, take ownership in their presentation, and listen to the customer-the overall experience will be enhanced which can in turn lead to increased sales.

Guest Column by:
Debra Peterson
Director of Marketing
Fairvilla Megastores